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A town that needs no introduction, Woodstock was founded in 1787 but became well known in the 1960s when the Woodstock Music Festival was in the early stages of being hatched. The actual festival ended up being held in Bethel NY, almost 60 miles away in Sullivan County though.


Woodstock has long been a mecca for artists of all sorts. One of the nation’s oldest arts and crafts colonies, The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, brought the first artists to Woodstock in 1903, forever changing the cultural landscape of the town.  Hervey White was one of the founders of the artist colony and then went on to create the more radical Maverick artists colony and built the concert hall. The Maverick Music Festival is is the nation’s longest running summer chamber music festival now entering their 104th season.

Levon Helm put down roots in the area and the Barn that was his recording studio became a destination when Levon was having Midnight Rambles showcasing musicianship and continuing the joyous sense of community that The Band was known for. 


If you're looking for outdoor adventure, a hike up Overlook Mountain will not disappoint. Whether it’s the vibrant spirit of the town, the mountain views, hiking trails or swimming holes that bring you to the area, there is always comfort in knowing that peace and love have become not just a slogan but a way of life here.

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