Pronounced “ACK-ord”, this charming hamlet is nestled in the lush Rondout Valley and is the home of Saunderskill Farm, a 12 generation family farm and a staple of the area...growing has taken place there since 1680.

The Rondout Creek and several of it's tributaries have been essential in helping to feed the local farmlands.

Accord borders Minnewaska State Park and the Mohonk Preserve, so there is easy access to hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Westwind Orchard and Arrowood Farm-Brewery have made Lower Whitfield Road a destination in Accord that you won't want to miss. You'll find some of the finest farm to table fare anywhere...from the ground up!

Accord has a great combination of small town charm and newer businesses. Skate Time 209, one of the last remaining rollerskating rinks is in Accord, and in addition to their open skate times and capacity to host birthday parties, they offer an indoor skateboarding park and are the home track for the area's roller derby team, the Mid-Hudson Misfits.