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Pronounced “ACK-ord”, this charming hamlet is nestled in the heart of the fertile Rondout Valley.   

The Rondout Creek and several of it's tributaries have been essential in helping to feed the local farmlands.

Accord borders Minnewaska State Park and the Mohonk Preserve, so there is easy access to hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Accord is the home of Saunderskill Farm, a 12 generation family farm and a staple of the area, and Hilltop Farm the home of the Hudson Valley's own Wagyu beef (and now cheesemaking, too!).  Westwind Orchard and Arrowood Farm-Brewery have made Lower Whitfield Road a destination in Accord that you won't want to miss. Accord Market is a newcomer prioritizing local and sustainable food and products, and a shout out to INNESS, voted one of the best new hotels in the world in 2022 by Travel + Leisure Magazine with 60 acres of trails, they will also be offering a Wellness Center with gym, yoga and pilates beginning in 2023. Congratulations!

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